Natural Bust Up Essential Oil

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Product Introduction

Time to get your perky and perfect boobs back! 

Our Natural Bust Up Essential Oil provides an instant breast lifting with anti-sagging effect by filling breast’s adipose tissue, as well as to improve other breast problems like flatness, roughness and outspreading for firmer, plumper bust.

Formulated with breast plumping essential oil blends extracted from valuable oriental herbs, simply apply the oil with massage, it penetrates deep into each layer of the dermis for promoting blood circulation and estrogen levels naturally,  reactivating the cell renewal to prevent breasts from sagging and deformation.

This is the most effective non-surgical, safe treatment to target a various prime causes of saggy breast, including ageing, menopause, gravitational pull, weight change, breastfeeding, etc. The oil restructures the lipid tissue of breasts and promotes a firmyouthful and eye-catching breast shape. 


  • Firm & Perky Bust:
    An instant breast lifting with anti-sagging effect to improve breast problems like flatness, roughness and outspreading for firmer, plumper bust. Even for large and heavy boobs and reform over-stretched and drooped breast tissues.
  • Improves Saggy Breast:

    Eliminates sagging due to ageing, gravitational pull, weight change, postpartum, breastfeeding and more. Restore youthful and pert breasts and no more saggy, flappy breasts or deformation.

  • Breast Plumping Formula:
    Essential oil blends extracted from valuable oriental herbs, which fills breast’s adipose tissue, promotes blood circulation and estrogen levels naturally, reactivates the cell renewal for instant plumping result.

  • Deep-layer Nourishment:
    Simply apply the oil with massage, it penetrates deep into each layer of the dermis for tightening and eliminating chest wrinkles, strengthens skin elasticity. Permanent breast improvement with continual use.
  • Safe & Hypoallergenic:
    Perfect for all skin types. No harmful, expensive surgery and therapy. 


  • Ingredients: Emu oil, Soybean oil, Glycerin, Olive oil, Plant-based skin Plumping Actives
  • Net Weight: 20ml


  1. Gently massage into the breasts in circular motion, working from the base up, avoiding the nipples.
  2. Use 1-2 daily for 2 weeks.
  3. Then, apply once a day, in the morning or in the evening, as you wish to maintain the fullness and perkiness. Use after bath or shower for the best result.


  • 2pc x Natural Bust Up Essential Oil

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